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Does your cat hate going to the Veterinary Clinic?

Does your cat hate going to the Veterinary Clinic?

Use our mobile veterinary practice in San Jose, Ca. (and surrounding cities)

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Many cats for good reason hate getting into a carrier. It means they are going to that scary veterinary clinic with the noise and the dogs. It is even common for them to hide when you even just take out the carrier.

By nature the feline species is consider a “fight or flight” species. This means when they notice unusual situations, are frightened or stressed they either go into a “fight” mode: hiss, swat with their claws, and bite. Or they go into a “flight” mode: run off as fast as possible and hide. They are not “bad” cats, they are just cats.

Obviously the “fight” mode can be the most dangerous. A cat bite to a human can result in hospitalization from an infection. Cat scratches can be deep and have been known to injure blood vessels and cause bleeding.

Unfortunately these pets receive minimal veterinary medical care because owners are unable to get them into carriers for transport to the veterinary clinic.



State of the Art Mobile Veterinary Hospital

Our house call veterinary service is designed to help cats who do not like going to the clinic. We are trained in many techniques to try and safely handling stressed cats those who are either in the fight or flight mode. It should be noted that many cats actually do not get as stressed being at home and do not require sedation/anesthesia.

In cases where medical treatments or diagnostics are vital we have the ability to sedate or even anesthetize them safely. With our state of the art mobile hospital, we also have the ability to utilize an extremely safe gas anesthetic. We use a product called Isoflurane which is a quick gas based anesthesia. What makes it so safe? It is safe because it is quick acting.

One is able to awake the patient up quickly once the anesthetic is turned off. Other, house call veterinary practices, those who have not invested in a modern mobile veterinary clinic, are unable to provide this service.

The first step once you have made an appointment with a mobile vet is to place your pet either in a carrier. If this is not possible, place them in a bathroom where they can’t crawl under the bed or hide behind furniture. We will take it from there!




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