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Cognitive Dysfunction in the older dog and cat: Treatment Part I

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Cognitive Dysfunction in the older dog and cat: Treatment Part I

 Margaret Saiki

In my previous blog “The Cognitive Dysfunction (CDS) in dogs and cats” we discussed the clinical behavioral signs associated with this disease. The acronym DISHAAL was used to help us remember these changes in behavior. Disorientation, Interactions between owner and pet are altered, sleep-wake cycle disturbances,house soiling, activity changes- Increased/ Repetitive, Activity- Decreased/ apathy, depressed, learning and Memory are decreased. The most common signs in the dog are anxiety, night waking and vocalization and in the cat vocalization (especially at night) and soiling.

There are three major treatment goals in CDS

  • Management of current medical issues including pain and discomfort.
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Continued enrichment and mental stimulation

Management of concurrent medical issues


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